28th May 2020 

tel: 07793132050
FAQ #01

The Process

What is the first step?
Once you have decided to embark on your journey, you can call me on 07596144778 in order to arrange an assessment session. Payment will be required on each session as well as the assessment session but this will be agreed during your assessment session. My fee is 50 per session however, there is an element of flexibility considering personal financial circumstances.

FAQ #02What happens next?
Upon arrival at Treat Balham you will be required to complete a questionnaire with your general contact details. The assessment session is an opportunity for us to explore your reasons why you are seeking counselling and to identify whether you want to continue with therapy. If in agreement, we will agree a suitable date and time and this will occur at the same time on a weekly basis. During the assessment there will be a discussion around my fees and the agreed fee will be required as payment at the end of each session.

FAQ #03
What is the contract?
Once we are in agreement to work together you will be required to sign a contract. This is everything that was discussed in the assessment session in terms of date, time and cost as well as my cancellation policy. When we have both signed this document a copy will be returned to you, for your reference.

The work begins .....